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Why Do You Need a Home Inspection


Purchasing a house is a very big investment. Selling your home is an equally important transaction. The decision to buy or sell a property is a decision that changes your life. There are many emotions involved and with all that  …Read more

Preparing for a Real Estate Closing


For most, the real estate closing table is a place visited just a few times in a lifetime, and in some cases, visited just once. Because of the level of importance and infrequency, the closing table can be an intimidating  …Read more

What is Forced Homeowner’s Insurance?


Forced place insurance is an insurance policy taken out by a lender on the borrowers behalf when there is no current insurance on a property. While the lender will notify you with a time period to secure insurance on your  …Read more

Finding the Right Real Estate Attorney in FL


We’ve been asked this question many times, and our answer has always remains the same… When it comes to protecting your best interests, there really is no way to replace the value of a seasoned and experience real estate attorney.  …Read more

Is Title Insurance Mandatory?


What is title insurance? Is title insurance mandatory? Why do I need it? These questions and more are covered right here on this page: For homebuyers, a relatively inexpensive safeguard called a title search will uncover any publically recorded issues  …Read more

Florida Foreclosure Process


In your banking and lending system, Americans who suffer financial stress that lead to missed mortgage payments can lose their homes. While there is a set of procedures in the foreclosure process, the actual timeline to complete the process varies  …Read more

Florida Flood Insurance Facts


In the state of Florida, one can never consider his or her property completely safe from flood damage. While lenders require flood insurance in some zones and do not require it in others, we advise that it is always a  …Read more