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How to Complete a Loan Modification


If you’re one of the many homeowners who are struggling to pay your mortgage loan, there are two words that may save you a lot of stress in the present and in the future: Loan Modification. When initiating a loan  …Read more

How to Choose the Right Realtor


OK, so you’re ready to go house shopping, or you’re ready to sell your current home… either way its time to find the best realtor for the job! Take it from the closing agent, having the right realtor can make  …Read more

Elections and the Real Estate Market


It’s been approximately 9 years since the housing bubble burst in South Florida and one thing is certain… our real estate market tranistioned from a delicate state to a state of recovery and stability. Our new President will need to  …Read more

Eviction Information


Florida is a breeding ground for evictions. One of the most common situations in which evictions arise is when a tenant falls behind or stops paying rent. When this occurs, the proper first step is to contact the tenant about  …Read more

When a Home Inspection Goes Wrong


A good home inspector will not only alert you to what is wrong with a residential or commercial property before you buy it, but can also give you a competitive edge to be used to renegotiate with the seller. So  …Read more

Protecting Yourself in Contract Negotiations


We see it at our office all too often… people routinely call us for help to reverse the effects of a contract that was signed without proper review. Somewhere in the initial consultation we inevitably here the words “I didn’t  …Read more

The Value of a Real Estate Attorney


When buying or selling a property, there are many expenses, especially in our great state of Florida! Sometimes, people choose to skip the hiring of a real estate attorney. I know this because many clients of our firm are in  …Read more