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The Florida Evictions Process


Unfortunately, evictions are a real event in the lives of both landlords and tenants. From the owner perspective, a landlord will need to take legal action to remove a tenant that defaults on the rental agreement. An eviction is a  …Read more

Florida Landlord Tenant Laws


Back in July 2013, Florida put over 100 new laws into effect, many of which will have a significant impact on landlords and renters in the eviction process. One law includes provisions that make it easier for landlords to evict  …Read more

Estimating Costing Costs in Florida


Welcome to Florida, the land of sun, fun, and absolutely no state taxes… Horaaay! Yes, we have beautiful beaches, nice smooth roads, wonderful parks and recreation, but just how does our state get manage all this without collecting state taxes  …Read more

Home Buying Advice in Palm Beach County


The South Florida real estate market is constantly evolving and Palm Beach county is no exception. While there are some tips that are constant, others may be ear marked as “in our current environment”. It is with that thought that  …Read more

How to Complete a Loan Modification


If you’re one of the many homeowners who are struggling to pay your mortgage loan, there are two words that may save you a lot of stress in the present and in the future: Loan Modification. When initiating a loan  …Read more

How to Choose the Right Realtor


OK, so you’re ready to go house shopping, or you’re ready to sell your current home… either way its time to find the best realtor for the job! Take it from the closing agent, having the right realtor can make  …Read more

Elections and the Real Estate Market


It’s been approximately 9 years since the housing bubble burst in South Florida and one thing is certain… our real estate market tranistioned from a delicate state to a state of recovery and stability. Our new President will need to  …Read more