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Florida Flood Insurance Facts


In the state of Florida, one can never consider his or her property completely safe from flood damage. While lenders require flood insurance in some zones and do not require it in others, we advise that it is always a  …Read more

Evicting a Tenant in Florida


In the state of Florida, the most common occurence that leads a landlord to file an eviction is when the tenant stops paying the rent. Other noteworthy actions that often lead to eviction proceedings include breaking certain terms of the  …Read more

Palm Beach County Eviction Services


Each year, many landlords in Palm Beach County find themselves in need of eviction services. Due to the unplanned arrival of tenant issues, landlord-tenant disputes can be frustrating, especially the unexpected cost that is incurred. In many cases, the overall  …Read more

Types of Property Listing Agreements


When you are ready to sell your home, you’ll need to find the right real estate agent for the job! For tips regarding finding the right real estate agent, be sure to read our earlier blog post here. Once the  …Read more

Eviction Procedures in Palm Beach County


Unfortunately, one of the most common headaches of being a landlord is troublesome tenants and the eviction process. A recent random survey at a South Florida homeowners meeting has shown that 3 out of every 10 tenants are undesirable. Chances  …Read more

How to Make the Right Real Estate Offer


The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving, so the following advice is based on our current market situation… In 2014-2015, South Florida experienced an influx of cash purchases from foreign investors and hedge fund companies purchasing homes by  …Read more

The Florida Evictions Process


Unfortunately, evictions are a real event in the lives of both landlords and tenants. From the owner perspective, a landlord will need to take legal action to remove a tenant that defaults on the rental agreement. An eviction is a  …Read more