Evicting a Tenant in Florida

In the state of Florida, the most common occurence that leads a landlord to file an eviction is when the tenant stops paying the rent. Other noteworthy actions that often lead to eviction proceedings include breaking certain terms of the lease, such as number of allowed occupants, unapproved pets, and exceeding normal wear and tear of the property. Even in these clear instances of breach of contract, it is important for landlords to consider the risks and expenses associated with filing an eviction in the state of Florida.

Because filing an eviction can open the door to a countersuit in which the tenant sues the property owner, there is some level of risk involved. In my opinion, right along side with expediting the process and following procedure, this is the top reason to contact a qualified evictions attorney that focuses on evictions in the state of Florida. To put it simply, a property owner must have valid legal grounds for evicting a tenant, most notably a clear breach of the rental agreement. The grounds for eviction should be clearly expressed in the eviction notice, which often thwarts any consideration of a countersuit.

Generally, our position is to treat your tenants like an aqaintance that deserves a second chance, but not a third, forth, fifth, and so on.  We believe that small lease infractions can often be settled among the two reasonable parties. Even more imprtant infractions like the ones previously mentioned above deserve a chance to be fixed within a reasonable and definite deadline. This resolution phase is labeled a landlord-tenant dispute. The most important action to see during this phase is “PROGRESS”. If a landlord clearly expresses the breach or breaches, and the tenant rectifies them before the deadline, then you just may have avoided having to proceed with a legal eviction.  However, if the tenant does not comply with the lease agreement by your original deadline, we strongly suggest considering contacting us for eviction services.

If you believe that you may need the representation of a landlord-tenant dispute attorney or an eviction lawyer, we invite you to contact our office, located in Royal Palm Beach, FL. We serve the entire South Florida region from West Palm Beach through Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

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