A Florida Real Estate Lawyers Worth

When buying or selling a property, there are many expenses, especially in our great state of Florida!

Sometimes, people choose to skip the hiring of a real estate attorney. I know this because many clients of our firm are in need of assistance to recover from a situation that could have been avoided if there was an attorney representing them prior to closing.

When asked, “Is it necessary for me to hire a real estate attorney?” I answer, “legally, it is not, but logically, it is certainly recommended.” I often equate this question to the question that everyone knows the answer to, “Should I watch what I eat?” and the obvious benefits to doing so and the risks of not doing so.

The same goes for your real estate attorney. Like eating smart and healthy diets, hiring a real estate attorney when needed is a good safeguard against possible issues down the road. In our office, the mission is to make the transaction come together in a fair manner that is protective of our client’s interests. We’ll review the contract itself before you sign it. If needed, we’ll negotiate repairs based on the home inspection report as well as any other variables that can work for or against you.

Of course, we’ll provide full title services in Florida if asked, or we’ll collaborate with the title company of your choosing. We will also be present with you at settlement along, making sure you are protected until the transaction is completed.

Please contact us, your Real Estate Attorney in Royal Palm Beach for more information on this and any other concern regarding closings and real estate law.

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