Conducting Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As of this posting date, there is not a person or business that isn’t affected by the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping through our state, our nation, and our world.

Of course, health and safety are the number one priority, but in addition, every industry has had to adapt in the way it does business. The real estate field is no exception.

Zoom meetings have been extremely useful for us. The ability to connect with our clients via video conferencing has been very effective and Zoom has much to be proud of for helping to keep the country pressing forward from a business perspective. Note that with the use of new services like Zoom, there is always the challenge of maintaining privacy so be sure to use passwords and other safeguards when connecting via video technology.

Last week, our office completed what we believe may haven been one of the first ever “socially distant” closings! We reviewed all the documents over the phone, then met to complete the closing outdoors. During the closing, we adhered to all of the recommended measures including distancing, face masks, pens wrapped in Clorox wipes, and much more. The client was thrilled to complete his transaction on schedule and we were proud of our ability to adapt and continue to service our clients at the highest level.

If you would like to consult with us regarding any real estate related legal matter, including title services and closings, feel free to call our office. We are open and ready to serve you using the safest and most effective methods during this time.

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