Florida Real Estate Laws

Back in July 2013, Florida put over 100 new laws into effect, many of which will have a significant impact on landlords and renters in the eviction process.

One of these laws includes provisions that make it easier for landlords to evict tenants, even if they make partial payments on their rent. Under the newer law, if a tenant makes a only a partial payment, they only have a matter of a few days to pay the remaining balance. If unpaid, a landlord can begin the eviction process. Another provision of this same law allows for a landlord to begin an eviction if ANY terms of the lease agreement are broken two times in one year.

A separate law allows for a homeowner to continue enjoying homestead exemptions when they rent their homes temporarily, up to one month per year. This is geared towards assisting homeowners that find themselves in temporary binds that are considered short term. Another law decreases the statute of limitations for banks to seek retribution from foreclosed owners from five years down to one year.

These are just a few of the many laws in place regarding Florida real estate. In addition to researching various resources, it is more important than ever to be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney when a related real estate situation arises.

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