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Florida Buyer and Seller Tips


If you live in or plan on relocating to Florida, we suggest you get familiar with the nuances of our real estate market. For various reasons, Florida has long been a state with a high frequency of real estate transactions. We  …Read more

Home Affordability Levels in Florida


Home ownership is a dream shared by millions. Everyone wants a place to call his or her own. The two factors that determine the current level of home ownership affordability are housing prices and interest rates. Our current state of  …Read more

Florida Probate Facts


When faced with settling an estate, probate can be a stressful topic. However, if one is familiar with the processes, probate can actually be a tool that provides a structured settlement of a person’s financial affairs. In the state of  …Read more

Advice About Home Appraisals


For home buyers, a home appraisal is required for financing and is also the authority in determining the market value of a property one is planning to purchase. Primarily, an appraisal serves to prove that while no two properties are  …Read more

Title Insurance Basics


In the real estate transaction process, most buyers don’t give much thought to title insurance when they buy a property. We know that it’s a mandatory fee when financing a purchase, so we just accept it and pass over it.  …Read more

Tax Implications For Foreclosure Procedings


Disclaimer: Our firm is not an accounting firm nor does it specialize in tax law. The following article is intended as general information. If you believe you may be facing an issue, our advice is to consult with a tax  …Read more

Quick Tips About Florida Title Insurance


As consumers, when we buy something, we like to know what we are getting. So lets review the FAQs about title insurance in Florida: What is title insurance? Title insurance is an policy against loss that results from any claims  …Read more