Negotiating Real Estate Contracts

We see it at our office all too often… people routinely call us for help to reverse the effects of a contract that was signed without proper review. Somewhere in the initial consultation we inevitably here the words “I didn’t understand the wording or what I was agreeing to!”

Are you involved in a real estate or business contract negotiation and feeling uncomfortable? This is a good thing as your intuition is telling you, “Stop, don’t sign until you are sure!”

We all know that an attorney will help clients to protect, defend and even fight for their rights, but is it worth the added cost? When asked about this, I normally answer by using a comparison to health insurance. Perhaps it may not be necessary, but wishing you had it after it’s too late can be devastating.

We believe that the top three benefits of hiring an attorney for negotiating contracts are:

  • To prevent costly expenses due to mistakes or worse, unfair terms.
  • To renegotiate terms in your best interest.
  • To expedite the completion of your executed contract.

Ask yourself if your comfort level would increase with an experienced professional in your corner. If yes, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.

For more information regarding Florida Contract Negotiations or any of the other services that we offer, contact us at any time.

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