Selling a Property Without a Realtor

The Florida real estate market continues to be as hot as the weather due to high demand and low interest rates. It’s unknown if there is going to be a shift in the near future, but all signs and data point to the continuance of a seller’s market for the foreseeable future.

In this type of market, many property owners are selling on their own rather than listing with a realtor. Demand is so high that sellers don’t need to market aggressively to find buyers, so they are foregoing the expertise that realtors provide and doing it on their own. While there are several pros and cons to selling on your own, and they should be evaluated carefully based on your situation, there are 2 main reasons why sellers are not listing with an agent in today’s market:

  1. To Save Money: as expected, the primary reason why homeowners sell on their own is to save money. With listing agent commission’s typically ranging 2.5-3% of the home’s sales price, there is an opportunity to save thousands. It’s important to run the numbers to see what you would get with and without a realtor, but in today’s hot market, selling on your own can be more lucrative.
  2. To Have More Control: if you forego using a realtor, you will have more control of the process. Everything from timing, home showings, and the marketing of your property will revolve around your schedule and lifestyle, which can be less stressful.

Even with having more control, all real estate transactions must go through a specific process, including title searches, surveys, appraisals, and closing requirements. Hiring a reputable title agency and real estate lawyer that will go the extra mile to ensure a smooth real estate transaction is always very important, and can be an extremely valuable asset when selling on your own. With an experienced attorney-based title agency you get an even higher level of support. An attorney-based title company will provide all the same services of a standard title company, and can help with:

  • Closing issues
  • Uncommon contingencies
  • Inspection issues
  • Title issues

Selling without a realtor is a popular choice in today’s real estate market, but it is still crucial to align with the right additional support needed to guide you through the process. An attorney-based title agency is a valuable asset to have on your side when foregoing a real estate agent. Feel free to contact us to help with your real estate transaction and questions.

When choosing The Law Office of Donna Hearne-Gousse, P.A. for your title, escrow, and closing needs, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of an attorney-based title agency with similar and in some cases lower rates than what a standard title company will charge.

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